Electric Vehicle Architecture

Determining the high level requirements of your electric powertrain architecture is no easy task. It requires extensive knowledge of every component of the powertrain, and the dynamics of your vehicle. Using our in-house architecture development models and intimate knowledge with the powertrain system, we can take out any guessing and identify those requirements for you. We can help you determine things like:

  • Optimal power source characteristics required to achieve high level performance targets (e.g. peak torque, peak power, torque curves)

  • Required onboard energy to achieve the desired vehicle range

  • Optimal transmission ratio(s) to achieve high level performance targets

  • Aerodynamic properties that result in the optimal tradeoff between performance and efficiency

  • Optimal high level chassis parameters (e.g. vehicle CG location)


Battery Systems

Tailor-made battery solutions for the most demanding projects. We have experience with everything from cell selection to battery management software design. We will optimize your system based on your performance, reliability, and cost goals.


Power Electronics

We offer full turnkey solutions for power electronics converter design. IWe’ll put together full schematic and PCB designs based on your requirements, run high fidelity circuit simulations,



Electric Motor and Transmission

We specialize in the design and analysis of permanent magnet motors. These offer very high power output in a compact package with low weight. We have designed motors with power densities as high as 10kW/kg.

In order to get the most optimal solution for your desired torque-speed characteristics, the transmission should be designed simultaneously. Using our proprietary transmission design algorithms, we iterate through millions of different transmission designs to arrive at the most optimal solution for your requirements. We have experience with designing everything from parallel axes spur gear designs to compound planetary transmissions.