State of the art power electronics designed specifically for your application.

We offer full turnkey solutions for voltage and current source inverter design. We’ll put together full schematic and PCB designs based on your requirements, run high fidelity circuit simulations, and then create a design validation plan and report for you. We’ve developed high power (120kW) IGBT quad VSIs to high frequency (1MHz) Silicon Carbide half bridges and everything in between. Below is an example of one product we’ve developed

Quad Voltage Source Inverter

The quad voltage source inverter (VSI) receives four torque commands from an Electronic Control Unit (ECU) and modulates three-phase current waveforms using a Space Vector Modulation-based Field Oriented Control scheme to drive the four permanent magnet motors.

Design Features

  • 120kW total - 30kW per motor

  • Up to 300V and 280A phase current

  • Switching frequency: 20kHz

  • Self-sensing FOC and SVM PWM

  • CAN interface

  • Hardware overcurrent protection that reacts in less than 10µs

  • Reverse voltage, undervoltage, overvoltage protection of LV system

  • IGBT junction and motor winding temperature sensing

  • CFD optimized cold plate