Electric Propulsion Systems Design and Optimization

Electric Propulsion Systems Design and Optimization


Masters of the Electric Powertrain Design Process

You may have heard the phrase “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts”. At Specter, this saying is more than just an idea: it is our design philosophy. We craft electric powertrain solutions that are not only optimized at a component level, but are distinguished in their cohesive and symbiotic design at a system level so that your product takes on a life of its own.


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We provide design and consulting services to electric vehicle companies who need help with their electric powertrain - battery, power inverter, electric motor, and transmission.

There is no cutting corners with Specter. We execute with speed and precision. Our swift and exacting team tangibly connects every design decision to your high-level performance goals and leverages the physics of the system to achieve them. Our work is thorough and we strive to achieve 100% satisfaction with all our clients.


Jason Sylvestre

Power Converters, Battery Electronics

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Max Liben

Architecture, Motors, Transmission