Electric vehicles are complex. We’ll determine the optimal architecture and identify the electric powertrain requirements based on your desired vehicle performance goals.

Determining the high level requirements of your electric powertrain architecture is no easy task. It requires extensive knowledge of every component of the powertrain, and the dynamics of your vehicle. Using our in-house architecture development models and intimate knowledge with the powertrain system, we can take out any guessing and identify those requirements for you. We can help you determine things like:

  • Optimal power source characteristics required to achieve high level performance targets (e.g. peak torque, peak power, torque curves)

  • Required onboard energy to achieve the desired vehicle range

  • Optimal transmission ratio(s) to achieve high level performance targets

  • Aerodynamic properties that result in the optimal tradeoff between performance and efficiency

  • Optimal high level chassis parameters (e.g. vehicle CG location)

More details on Specter’s design philosophy can be found on our blog https://www.specterengineering.com/blog/designphilosophy