The Mission

Our mission is to help emerging companies bring their electric dreams to life through the design and optimization of their electric propulsion systems. There is no cutting corners with Specter. We execute with speed and precision. Our work is thorough and we strive to achieve 100% satisfaction with all our clients.

Why the name Specter?

A specter is defined as “something that is widely feared as a possible unpleasant or dangerous occurrence.” This is what we believe advanced electrified powertrains will be to the conventional combustion market in the coming years for the transportation market.


Jason crossed paths with Max Liben and Billy Kucinski when he joined the Formula SAE combustion team at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. With the market shift towards electrification, they joined forces and founded the Formula SAE Electric team in 2016. In just one year’s time, they assembled a team of 30 passionate engineers, connected with over 70 industry sponsors, and built the first all-wheel drive electric race car in the United States.

In the year to follow, the team continued to innovate under the leadership of Max and Jason by developing a completely custom electric powertrain from scratch. Their efforts propelled them to the forefront of the competition, winning first place in design at the United States competition two consecutive years.

“Starting the Formula team was very much like running an engineering firm. We had to raise money, build a team, and ultimately deliver product on a very short timeline. It was not an easy process, but it prepared us very well for starting Specter. We are excited to continue pushing the envelope with this new technology.”

- Jason Sylvestre, Specter CEO

Jason and Max are now currently studying in Wisconsin Electric Machines and Power Electronics Consortium (WEMPEC) to further their knowledge in advanced power electronics and electric motor design. WEMPEC is a world-renowned research group with connections to the most influential players in the electrified transportation industry.

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Jason Sylvestre | CEO

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Max Liben | CTO

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Business expansion Plan

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Phase 1 - Optimization and Design

We help clients optimize and design their powertrain from the ground up. Using our proprietary software tools, we’ll define their high-level powertrain requirements based on desired performance. Once requirements are defined, we offer engineering services to design custom battery packs, inverters, PM motors, and transmissions.

⮚ We will be with you every step of the way.

Phase 2 - Characterization

A custom dyne will be developed to characterize motor and inverter performance. The client will send us their component with a list of measurement requests. Once received, we’ll take care of all the dyne setup, run the tests, collect data, and send them back their component with the desired metrics.

⮚ Convenient. Fast. Efficient.

Phase 3 - Prototyping

Using the capital from phase 1 and 2, we will be a full solutions provider - from individual components to full electric powertrain systems.

⮚ Designed, produced, and tested in-house.

Phase 4 - Research & Development

Explore the unknown and shape the future of electric vehicle development.

⮚ Innovate.